Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Bus is Back

Hallelujah! Bus service from Grand Junction to Powderhorn is back for another season. You might be wondering what the 'hallelujah' was all about. We weren't certain until recently that bus service would be offered again this year. Laidlaw was bought out this fall by Students First. With all the changes, they were unsure that they would be able to provide the service this season. But they're making it happen for which we are very grateful. Click here for the schedule and prices.

Now...envision the voice of your stern grandmother for this....Please keep in mind that any shenanagins on the bus will make you unwelcome on the bus and at Powderhorn. We want to keep this service available to everyone so please don't abuse it!

p.s. please don't forget to do your daily snow dance today :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Grannie Annie,

Can you believe it--they're not allowing shenanigans on the bus to Powderhorn!?! What next--prohibit tomfoolery, too?


Dear Disgruntled,

Mmmmm....I see your point. If the bus company allows tomfoolery, then obviously shenanigans could lodge a protest. And then it could become a class action matter with high jinks, escapades, buffoonery, and pranks joining in.

However, as the court case could drag on for ages, might I suggest that if you are that concerned about the shenanigans having to walk all the way to Powderhorn that you give them a ride yourself?

On the other hand, shenanigans don't do very well on the runs, either. Perhaps it would be better for all concerned if you just baked them a nice batch of chocolate chip cookies, poured them a glass of milk, and left them at home with a good book while you went and hit the slopes.


Granny Annie

Powderhorn Resort said...

That is officially the best comment ever.