Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Statistically Speaking

I'm a nerd. And if you are too, you'll find this kind of thing interesting. We run TONS of reports at the end of the season to find out where people came from, what they bought, how many times the average person skis, etc etc

We can also see the geographic location of visitors to our website. Did you know that when you visit a website, the owner of that site can see what town you live in, what pages people viewed each day, how long you were on the site, how you got to the site (google, msn, etc), and even which Internet service you use. Hmmm...sounds very Big Brother doesn't it?

Here are a few of our website statistics from the 06-07 season:

63% of you are returning visitors, 37% are new visitors

Our Top 5 pages are: Home page, Ticket Prices, Trail Map, Snow Report, and Mtn. Info

Most of you type
www.powderhorn.com in directly to get to the site while other Top Sources are Google, www.coloradoski.com, and msn.

65% of visitors to our site are from Colorado. Other Top States are Texas, California, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Utah.

Of the Colorado folks, 68% are from the Western Slope, 25% from the Front Range, and 7% Other.

Top Countries (outside of US) are the United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, and Germany.

You're probably bored now....but that's just scratching the surface of my little geek center here!

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