Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Clean Up Day

Today is our semi-annual clean up day here at Powderhorn. All 25 or so of us gather up to pick up all the trash around the lodge, parking lots, and our stretch of highway we've "adopted". Personally, I like clean up days because we get outside and chat plus we have some pretty good stories about the different items we find. Usually everyone compares how much loose change they found and determine a winner. Mud-caked quarters are like gold! We also find out who has the best listen-to-what-I-found story. I recall the winner from last year found a fully loaded soggy baby diaper. Just a tip- if you find a plastic bag full of something, it's best just to throw it in your bag...don't inspect it!

After the campus and highway are spotless we all meet up at the restaurant for an amazing lunch (after scrubbing our hands like we're going into surgery). Then somehow we must find the strength to get some work done for the rest of the afternoon.

Side note: the Alpine Trader and Wildewood Restaurant are opening soon! Check out for the full details. We'll start building the mountain bike trails as soon as it gets dry around here. And there is an exciting summer announcement on the horizon but I've been warned to bite my tounge for just a bit longer...I'll blog on it as soon as they remove the duct tape from my mouth!

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