Thursday, December 28, 2006

Watch the Pros

There are tons of professional ski and snowboard competitions in Colorado every year. These events are a blast to attend and usually completely free! If you've never checked out the X Games live before, you've gotta do it! Parking is free, the shuttle is free, the event is free...but the food is expesive so brown bag it.

Here's some details on big events happening around CO this year. Some are televised, so if work or school gets in the way you can still catch it.

Winter X Games
January 25-28
The biggest event of the year. Ski & Snowboard half pipe and slopestyle not to mention crazy Moto X Big Air, Skier & Snowboarder Cross, and Snowmobile racing.

US Freeskiing Open
Copper Mountain
January 17-21
Ski half pipe, Slopestyle, and Big Air

Breckenridge Ski Tour
February 1-4
Ski half pipe & slopestyle

Aspen/Snowmass Open
February 8-11
Ski & Snowboard slopestyle & half pipe

16th Annual US Freeskiing Championships
Crested Butte
February 20-24
This one is intense! Skiers navigate the steepest of the steep with mandatory cliff drops.

Unfortunately for the riders, there isn't a ton of pro snowboard comps in Colorado. If you really want to travel, the US Open Snowboarding Championships are in Stratton, VT.

Make sure you check out Powderhorn's very own Thunder Mt. Freestyle Fest this year! It's a new event and it's going to be BIG. Mark the calendar for February 10-11. Saturday we'll have the Terrain Park Challenge which is a slopestyle competition. The top 2 in each category will qualify for regionals in the nationwide Jeep Terrain Park Challenge series. Cash and swag are also up for grabs. The competition will be judged by the Jibij Pro Team themselves. Then we'll get to watch them go crazy in the park, get autographs, chill with the team. Also on Saturday- ski & snowboard demos, live music, tons of giveaways, and watch professional photo shoots. Then Sunday we'll have a rail jam, high ollie contest, ski & snowboard demos, giveaways, and anything else we can add to the event to make it amazing.

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