Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snow Reporting

Apparently there was some confusion yesterday. Because it snowed in Grand Junction, I can understand that everyone thought we had received tons of new snow. When our snow report said 0" people thought we just decided to sleep in or something. But the truth is, as of 5:00am yesterday we had not received any snow. It's definitely rare that it snows in GJ and not here but that's in fact what happened. It did start snowing lightly in the morning and we've now had 4 incehs of snow in the last 24 hours. We sure wish this storm had brought more but we'll always take what we get too. As of right now it is trying to snow but very lightly. The forecast calls for a possible 1-2 inches more today.

As one of the snow reporters, I assure you we keep an accurate report that is tracked all season long. Please keep in mind that there is nothing we can do about it snowing or not. If we had our way, it would always be a powder day!

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