Thursday, December 21, 2006

Calling All Photographers

By photographers we mean anyone with a camera. We would love to see your pictures! As you're riding the mountain this season, snap some pictures and send them our way. Send in pictures of you and your family/friends, powder shots, scenic shots, or pictures of you showing off.

If you send in something amazing we just might use it! If we'd like to use your picture we will first contact you for permission. Please send contact info with pictures. You can send them to

As I type this, I know there is at least one person already cooking up an idea to send us a shot of themselves mooning the camera or something. Please don't send us one wants to see that. Seriously, no obscenity please.

p.s. it snowed 8 inches in the last 24 hours, a foot in the last 48 hours. This weekend should be goooooood, come join us!

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