Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Ski Bikes for Sale! Get 'em While it's Still Cold!

Unfortunately, there just isn't a good spot on the resort to enjoy the adrenaline rush the ski bike may bring, so the Powderhorn Rental Shop is selling theirs.

This is a K2 1.0 All Mountain Ski Bike, it weighs 23lbs and has suspension. No warranty is available. It's worth $500 and going for $299.99

This one is a K2 SMX Freestyle / All Mountain Ski Bike. It weighs 26lbs and has suspension also. No warranty is available. It's worth $575 and selling for $299.99.

Call (970)208-6090! Come check them out at Powderhorn Rental Shop.


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry that you feel there is no good places to ski bike in your resort. I am an avid ski biker and know that I can ski bike almost any black diamond and through trees without difficulty. I know that skiers and snowboarders do not like ski bikes, hey but when snow boarders started, skiers did not like them either (most still do not). I think it is important to teach people how to properly load/unload and ride ski bikes. For me, ski biking is the only way I can access your mountain as I am an adaptive ski biker. Please reconsider stopping ski biking in your resort.

Anonymous said...

Aren't any good spots on the mountain for skibikes??????? They're good to go where ever a skier or snowboarder goes.

I didn't even know Powderhorn allowed skibiking or I would have promoted it for you.

Are you just getting rid of your skibikes or are you banning skibikes at Powderhorn?

If you don't have room for skibikes at Powderhorn, I'll interpret that to mean you don't have enough room for skiers or snowboarders too. They take up the same space.

Skibikes are enjoying a real surge in popularity at a select few Front Range resorts. Ask the guys at A-Basin about skibikes - and they don't even rent them.