Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Guess the Run

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! And still has all of their fingers...and eyebrows.

Here's this week's Guess the Run. Good luck!
(we're also playing the game over on our Facebook page if you prefer)


RapidEye said...

Tenderfoot/Dude, looking down where it meets Snow Cloud and splits into Lower Dude and Lower Snow Cloud.

Go left so you can get to the West End lift and ski the best runs!

RapidEye said...

Hrm, actually, I think its lower on the mountain. If I remember correctly, that sign is at the bottom of Whistlepig where you take Boardwarlk to get over to the West End.

Still turn left for the better runs!!! =-)

Anonymous said...

Is Powderhorn planning any trail cutting/maintenance on the mountain bike/hiking trails below the ski hill?

Powderhorn Resort said...

Rapid Eye- your second guess is correct!
Anonymous- we will not be doing any maintenance on the trails below the mountain this year. You are still welcome to hike there but please remember there are no services available.

Tom said...


I recently stumbled upon your blog and I'm looking forward to following it in the future.


Grand Junction and McMurdo Station, Antarctica