Thursday, April 29, 2010

April (Snow) Showers

Well when I'm wrong I am WRONG! Yesterday I said I thought no snow would stick to the ground due to all the wind.

I stand corrected.


Earn your turns oldtimer said...

It is very disappointing how Powderhorn tracked and plowed out several of the main runs on the mountain, much more aggressively than past years. This was shaping up as one of the best "skinning up" seasons in recent memory until now. What a year, I've seen Powderhorn stay open with less snow than we have now and it is May. I assume this is done for erosion control, but considering the cost/benefit, especially on your budget, is it worth it?

Powderhorn Resort said...

Actually yes, this is something we have to do for erosion control with warmer temps. The wind is also causing quicker runoff.