Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Critter Country

The warm temperatures have returned the last couple days already melting the snow that fell last week. With that we're seeing more critters out beginning their lives again above ground.

The raccoons under my office are active again...always making things interesting especially when here alone on late work days. The chipmunks are their usual busy-bodies. It'll only be a matter of time before they discover the stashes of crackers and (their favorite) peanut M&Ms. We've learned from experience.

And those marmots. They're cute but if you see one run under your car, best thing is to chase them out right away. They have a habit of chewing on things sometimes.

The bears are also out and becoming a little more active. We've spotted some a couple times out in the Cow Camp area.

The Grand Mesa is coming alive! While there's still plenty of XC or snowshoeing to be had on top, spring is springing...well until the next snow storm at least.

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