Friday, October 09, 2009

Warren Miller Show

Just got off the phone with the Warren Miller guys. They're bringing the show to GJ on November 7th, starting at 8pm at the Avalon Theatre. It's the same day as the Ski Swap so you can get all your gear, your season pass, then get rowdy with friends at the show! Tickets are $15 in advance (get them at the Ski Swap) and $18 at the door. Each ticket gets you a buy one, get one free lift ticket deal valid Monday-Fridays all season.

Click here to watch the trailer!
(sorry this thing won't let me embed the video for some reason....GRRRR)


Anonymous said...

Warren Miller Entertainment should be boycotted... Warren Miller the man, is currently being sued as well as my friends at Level 1, by WME. Want to support skiing... Don't go to that show, and of course... Support Powderhorn as much as possible

Stein Erickson said...

I would say Level 1 used "Bad Form" in using Warren Miller in their film without at least approaching WME about the obvious conflict. Warren Miller did apparently give the rights to his appearances to WME in the sales contract. As follows:

"It seems as though the venerable Miller, now 84 and living in Washington state, sold the right to his voice in a 1995 deal with Warren Miller Entertainment. That deal, forged seven years after Miller sold the film company he created in 1948, gave Warren Miller Entertainment "exclusive right, in perpetuity, in all media, to the name, the personal endorsement, use of voice and the likeness of Warren Miller."

Anonymous said...

Good for you... if you really want to look at it like that. Otherwise, realize that large companies like WME will not dictate what I can and can not watch, throwing there million dollar company at a 6 figure company.

Its simply a child like move that I will not support, and neither should you. LEVEL 1 BABAY!

Purchase a copy of Refresh if you want to see a legit ski film. Warren Miller backs em...