Friday, October 02, 2009

West Bench Trail

A couple of us headed out with the bikes this evening to ride the West Bench trail then drop down the Powderhorn service road. If you've never biked or hiked this trail, you definitely should! It's nice right now with a little color left...and gold leaves carpeting the trail.

The trail takes of from the Mesa Lakes area and wanders through aspens and meadows

We ran into the biggest porcupine I've ever seen!

After just 3 miles you'll find yourself at the top of the Take Four quad. From there you can keep riding West Bench or head down our service road. Just have a shuttle if this is your plan!

The view from Equalizer

The ride down our service road (3 miles top to bottom)

The view from Midway

Unfortunately the high winds have blown a lot of the leaves off, but it's still pretty and a great time for one more weekend on the mesa!

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