Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gear Up

Frost on the windshield this morning made me think it may be time to dig up my jacket for the season. When looking through the closet for the jacket, I found my horribly tattered gloves. Better get some new ones this year. And, when you give a mouse a cookie, why not pants...helmet...goggles...skis?

If you've discovered some gear in your closet that needs replacing for the season, here are some great ways to find a deal.

Tramdock posts different deals throughout the day on hardgoods and outerwear
Steep and Cheap is the same thing but focuses on outerwear has everything and is currently running a sale with up to 40% off

The Ski Swap is coming up on November 7th from 7am-4pm. You can find deals on equipment and outerwear but come early for the best selection.

New this year, our very own Alpine Trader is carrying O'Neill and Cloudveil outerwear. They have some really great stuff. The Trader also carries local favorite Loki, Smith Optics, Dakine, Spy, and Swaney. The Alpine Trader will be open every day this season from 8:30am-4:30pm.


Edward said...

Lets make sure to give some loving to our local shops as well eh? Traz, Gene Taylor's(especailly for the loving your already owned gear needs), Summit Canyon, Board and Bukcle, etc..

SLinsley said...

Off topic question but, are the buses going to be running this year? I know last year it was a close call to getting rid of them but through many triumphant efforts we got them back up. So what's the plan this year?

Powderhorn Resort said...

The buses are back and the program will operate the same as last year! You'll be able to purchase bus passes at Traz beginning December 1st.

Anonymous said...

it's snowing..the snow dances are working, eh?