Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Saving the Moola

Maybe you've heard about this little thing going on in our country....something to do with a bailout...and nasty looking red arrows pointing down.

Point is, we all could stand to save a little money right now. Here are some cool sites that will help you save money on outdoor gear that you might need for the season.

MountainGear.com is having a sale through October 14 on all kinds of outdoor gear. Some stuff is up to 78% off. Tons of items from The North Face, Mountain Hardware, and Patagonia.

Steap and Cheap is a cool site that posts a different deal every day. Quantities are limited so you have to buy fast but the deals are always amazing. For example, today's deal was Smith Sunglasses for only $29.99!

The only thing better than a huge deal is a free deal. Freecylce.org has a really cool thing going. You can join the group for your area and trade things for FREE. You just post about whatever it is you need and someone may have it. Then you can reply to people if you have something they need. Check out the Grand Junction group here.

And finally, our very own Alpine Trader has tons of great deals going right now all summer & fall apparel. We need to make room for our winter stock. Check it out Thurs-Sundays, 9am-4pm

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Unknown said...

Try tramdock.com - it's a sister site to Steep and Cheap but lists only skiing equipment. I have bought several items from both sites and like their service. They get the items out immediately; and being located in the SLC area, they arrive in GJT quickly. Have even easily canceled over the phone when I made a mistake in ordering. Be quick, however, they ship quick and the favorite items/sizes can go before one knows it.