Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Flip That Lodge

With only 29 work days until we open, it's crunch time. If TLC did a spinoff of Flip That House, we would nominate ourselves for Flip That Lodge.

If you've ever seen the lodge in the summer, it looks quite a bit different than in the winter. Currently we are working to flip the lodge back into winter mode. The rental shop is in the process of becoming a rental shop again (it was the Trader Cafe all summer). They literally have boxes stacked to the ceiling as we purchased all new boots and expanded our ski & snowboard fleet.

The Trader Cafe is moving to the Evergreen Room in the lobby. On those busy Saturdays when you just want a sandwich and don't want to wait in line at the Grille, run into the Cafe. A nice caffeine buzz can't hurt your skiing either. You'll get more laps then ever before!

The Sunset Grille is being cleaned top to bottom in preparation for the season. The bar was painted to rid ourselves of the Super 70s Mauve that we were so famous for. Your heart is breaking I know.

And finally, new lockers are going into the picnic area. The previous lockers had been there for years. We're taking bets on what we'll find when we pull those out...want to get in on it?

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