Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mother's Day

If shopping for Mother's Day gifts is either a) the #1 thing you procrastinate this time of year, or b) sends you into a cold sweat at Hallmark....we have an easy solution for you. Moms like quality time. Most Moms we know also eat from time to time.

Mother's Day Brunch- Sunset Grille
Kids (4-10) $7.95
Adults $18.95
Seniors (55+) $15.95

Includes mimosa or a trip to the bloody mary bar.
Plus, Moms get 20% off at the Alpine Trader!

So if you were thinking of buying any of the following, bring Mom to brunch instead.

Cross-stiched "LOVE" pillow
Box of chocolates on sale at Walmart
Candles or bath salts
Coffee mug that says "#1 MOM"
A Dirt Devil

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