Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flood Watch

While driving to work this morning we saw a man building what looked to be a large ark. But I'm not going to get worried until I see animals forming lines and heading his direction.

All of the Grand Valley is under a flood watch this week due to the 80-90 degree temperatures. Our total snow count (including pre and post season) is up to 350 inches. We've seen a lot of melting this week here at the mountain. If you've been following our webcam, no doubt you've noticed as well.

NOAA is currently reporting the Colorado River at Cameo to be around 11.6 feet. Flood stage is 12 feet. The water still has a few feet to go before it causes problems for the I-70 bridge at the confluence of Plateau Creek and the Colorado. Check back tomorrow we'll post pictures of Plateau and Debeque canyons.

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