Monday, August 13, 2007

Autocross at Powderhorn

Sorry for the delay in posts, this was supposed to go up yesterday but got lost in internet la-la-land.

This is what happens when we aren't around on the weekends!

Red Rock Racers

The next race will be September 2nd. Beginners to experts can race or just come watch the action!


Anonymous said...

This is Not exactly what a ski resort should be promoting. Guess you'd rather have motor sports than environmentally sensitive, decent trails for mountain biking and hiking. The very poor excuse of a trail network on the neglected downslope below the road is not your best work. I'd suggest a few ST runs through the aspens off the service road.

Unknown said...

If you think the trails can be improved, then volunteer to improve them. It's only the first year for the trails.

The autocross is put on by volunteers and Powderhorn helps us out by providing an excellent venue where we can put on a safe event. The money we pay to rent the lot can be used for other things, like building more bike trails. It's possible for motorsports and human-powered sports to coexist, I'm a skier and cyclist as well.

Of course, it's easy to simply lob criticism if you don't have to sign your name.