Thursday, August 23, 2007

Around the Mountain

It may be August and the temperatures in the valley may be flirting with triple digits again but we are in full winter mindset now. There are a lot of projects that have to be done now for everything to flow perfectly as we approach the season.

For example, we just finished the design of the lift tickets. This year's shot features a nice powder day with Andrew Cisneros ripping it up. The Plus Cards have just arrived. They feature a shot of Curt Lincoln breaking through the pillows in the Marshmallow Field. And today we are working on a design for the season passes. If you've ordered a pass, you probably just thought What! You haven't even made them yet?! We're designing them now so that when our ticket office staff comes on in September they can start printing and mailing your passes. You should start seeing your passes by late September. Currently we're having a creative block. I have gone off on a tangent designing a pass that parodies a Colorado Driver's License. We'll see how far I get with that one though.

Another major project is the design of the 07-08 brochures and trail map. This is a tedious but fun project. LOTS of proof-reading involved. It easily makes you go cross-eyed. Our ad agency has come up with a great look....and they probably want to kill me because I keep changing up the photos.

Other things being planned are the season's events, new items & apparel for the Alpine Trader, job fairs, stay & ski packages, ski shows, the list goes on. Look for some cool new tech stuff on the site this year like videos, desktops widgits, and mobile website downloads for your phone. Now if it would just cool off a bit...

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Anonymous said...

Since you guys are putting all of this time and money into this little stuff, you should seriously consider putting some foot rests on the chair lifts at least.