Monday, June 18, 2007

07-08 Rates

Season pass and lift ticket rates have just been released.

Lift Ticket pricing
Season Pass pricing

There are some changes to our pricing structure this year. First, we took the Young Adult category out of the age groups to fall in line with competition. If you are a Mesa State student, make sure you wait to buy your season pass. We'll be on campus a few times this fall offering you a huge deal! We also decided that it took a rocket scientist to figure out our previous ticket pricing charts....weekday, weekend, holiday rates etc., etc. So, we are changing to one rate for the entire season. No more paying extra on the weekends or holidays or on days that end with 'y'.

Season Passes saw a lot of changes this year. First off, you can get discounts all the way through November. The deals used to end Sept. 31 every year. The earlier you buy your pass, the more money you save! Buying a pass in August actually makes it $54 cheaper than last years pass (adult). If you are one of those people that typically works on weekends or just likes to have the powder all to can now buy a Mid-Week Pass for even less! This pass is good only Monday-Fridays all season long but you still get all the great benefits of a full season pass.

Speaking of benefits, we're proud to welcome Monarch Mountain as a partner this year. You get 3 FREE days at Monarch with your Powderhorn pass.

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