Monday, June 11, 2007


Thanks to all those that came up this weekend and were the first to ride the new trails. We hope you had a great time. Several of you left us messages on the board and we encourage anyone who rides the trails to give us your feedback. You can write a message on the board at the trailhead, call us at 970-268-5700, or email us at

A few of the messages/tips from this weekend:
  • Watch out for ticks. -If you need info about these little buggers go here
  • Please cut the sticks. -We will be continuing trail maintenance
  • 2 bears sighted on Rock Garden Loop yesterday. -Snap pictures but give them space, always make noise!

Make sure you've got the details on the Grand Opening of the trails to be celebrated July 1. Every rider that day gets a half price lift ticket for the 07-08 season!

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