Monday, February 19, 2007

Profile: Lift Operations

Who are the Powderhorn employees you encounter the most during your visit? Well hopefully it's not Ski Patrol. It's our Lift Operations crew. Powderhorn employs around 35 lift operators. This group goes through pre-season training and must pass a 100 question test before serving the public. Those that are lift attendants must get an 80 or above. The lift operators must have a 90 or above.

The lift operators are those people you see sitting inside the shacks at each lift. These individuals are in total control of all operations of the lift. They control stops, slows, restarts, brake functions, and all safety features. They constantly monitor all aspects of the lift system. When the lift has been stopped, a phone call is made to the operator when the lift is cleared to start again.

Lift Operations has 3 levels of experience. Each level takes further testing, hours of experience, and in-depth knowledge of all functions & mechanics of the lift.

These folks work hard and serve a crucial role in the safety and experience of our guests. Give a "Lifty" a hug next time you are on the loading platform....ok, maybe just say thanks.

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