Saturday, January 27, 2007

X Games

We got to spend the evening last night on top of the pipe at Winter X Games 11 and it was amazing! Though the judging was controversial, the atheltes did not disappoint. Several new tricks were unveiled and everyone was going huge. Here are the final results and some pictures we snagged. Click the pictures to enlarge

Men's Ski Superpipe
1. Tanner Hall
2. Simon Dumont
3. Peter Olenick

Women's Ski Superpipe
1. Sarah Burke
2. Grete Eliassen
3. Jen Hudak

Candide Thovex

Colby West

Peter Olenick- his new "whisky flip," a double backflip


Simon Dumont

Andreas Hatveit

Tanner Hall went down hard on his third run...

but he was able to ski away...

and win the comp!

Men's podium

Sarah Burke- 1st Place

Grete Eliassen- 2nd

Jen Hudak- 3rd


Anonymous said...

Some of these pics are way tiight this is one of my fav events for sure

Great pic of Candide Thovex

Unknown said...

too bad tanner has no passion for the sport. He's just in it for the sluts, the fame, and the $$.and he won?? was the comp fixed?c'mon people.we all know simon or olenik shoulda won... how many people are throwin double backs? sErIoUsLy! definitely not going this year was a good idea. oh..Hall, you look like a choded-doosch when you're TRYIN to be a Gangsta', it's just not cool man.

Anonymous said...
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Powderhorn Resort said...

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