Monday, January 29, 2007

Unfamiliar Territory for the Tomato

The Winter X Games have officially come to a close with all kinds of stories highlighting the week. Perhaps one of the biggest is the fact that Shaun White, for the first time in years, did not take home a gold medal! Competing in both Slopestyle and Pipe, Shaun took bronze and silver respectively. The fact that he didn't take gold in pipe ended a 6 year run of total domination. Hey it was bound to happen sometime right? And he had a great attitude all day, congratulating all the other riders and just plain "having fun."

So who are the talented fellas that knocked the Flying Tomato off the throne? Andreas Wiig (slopestyle) and Steve Fisher (pipe). Wiig also won gold in the Best Trick competition.

Watch video of the gold medal runs at

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