Monday, November 27, 2006

Tech at the Mountain

John, a recent poster, had some great questions regarding wireless services at the mountain. We are indeed offering WiFi access this year in our base lodge and at the Inn at Wildewood (although some fees apply). We are excited to be able to offer this service this year and hope it enhances the visit to the mountain.

As far as cell phone service goes, this is something we've been working on for several years. Because of our physical location, we tend to be in a small black hole when it comes to service. From what I understand, there have been conversations with different companies to have a tower placed on the rim therefore providing perfect service not only for Powderhorn, but most of the Grand Mesa. Several companies have expressed strong interest although we have not seen a new tower yet.

Oh and check out the forecast, it's looking good for the next few days. We'll keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

With the snow dumping down, any chance of an early opening?

John Linko said...

Thanks for the response to my comments. While free Wi-Fi would be better, can't really complain. Thanks.

Cell service is a higher priority issue. There is cell service on top of Grand Mesa already. Unfortunately, it's on the other side of the mountain that overlooks the Grand Valley. This site provides cell service to Old Powderhorn, but the resort is shadowed to it, as is a good part of Highway 65 until you get about halfway down towards Mesa.

I would think that the resort could be more successful in their efforts if they considered getting a tower on resort property. This would provide coverage to the resort and points below it on Highway 65, as well as fill-in coverage to the rest of the mountain until you reach the top, where service is currently just fine.

This would definitely be easier than trying to deal with the Forest Service to get another tower permit. Please take this as seriously as you would any other safety issue at the resort or on the mountain. Thanks again for your time and assistance.