Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Inside Scoop

A lot of you have been writing comments, emails, calling us, and sending telegrams (ok that one is a lie) asking if we are looking at an early opening. So I'll address those questions right now.

We are still scheduled to open Dec. 7 but if it's at all possible we will open early. But no, we will not open anytime around Thanksgiving next week. The base isn't quite built up enough for that yet. As soon as I hear anything official on an early opening I'll write about it on here, we'll have the info on our main website, our myspace, and you'll hear about it on the radio.

The current weather update: snow flurries are still coming off and on but the winds are gusting around 30 mph. That's making accumulation difficult. Another 1-3 inches is expected this afternoon and a 20% chance of snow tonight. By Friday the high is supposed to be 50 though! Let's hope not.

This is a great site for Grand Mesa weather http://www.crh.noaa.gov/forecasts/COZ009.php?warncounty=COC029&city=Grand+Mesa

So keep up those snow dances and check back for updates. Oh and a quick shout out to the folks from Hawaii coming early December- I hope we get to open for you guys!

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