Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dummy Jump 2012

The 3rd Annual Dummy Jump will take place March 17th. If you're building a dummy, here are some helpful tips: Give it some weight. Dummies need to be a little heavy to pick up the speed needed for a 20 foot jump and serious airtime.Make sure it slides straight. If using skis, measure them at tip, middle and tail to make sure they're perfectly parallel.Have fun with it! Get creative. Materials we've seen used in the past: bathtub, washing machine, wheelchair, keg, and a toilet. Just don't use hazardous materials or fireworks.For a video of the Dummy Jump from last year, click here. Click here for some pictures from the past for creative ideas
Do's and Don'ts

Form a team
Make your dummy family-friendly
Make your dummy heavy but manageable for 2 people to move
Have a theme
Pay attention to balance (your dummy has to make it to the jump to jump)

Make clean up too difficult for us
Use pyrotechnics
Use any toxic materials
Expect your dummy to survive

Judging criteria:
Destruction on impact

Details:Dummy Jump Saturday, March 17th at 2pm- Release the dummies!
Cost: $10 to enter a dummy
Please have your dummy to the mountain by 8am. Check in at Guest Services. Our crew will help unload and transport the dummy to the snow. Dummies will be on display at the lift line.

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