Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer work!?

Hello Powderhorn Folks,

The other day someone asked me, "Joe what do you do at a ski area in the summer?"

I had to stop and think; how can I make this a short answer? Anyone who knows me could tell you I can get a little long winded. So I came up with this.

We are like a giant working ranch/farm. Although our main product we sell is obviously in the winter, there is plenty of maintenance to do in the summer.

Just like any working ranching or farming operation there are folks on the "inside" keeping us in line, and folks on the "outside" literally working on the line. Lots of the things we do are routine for any area. Some are not. Nonetheless I get a little excited about how a mountain works, and this summer is no different from any other. The show must go on.

On the "Inside" some of the fine folks at Powderhorn have been working on collecting feedback from the community. This is a very important task considering we are here for the people of the Grand Valley. We also have year round bills that need to be paid, and documentation that needs to be filed. Sounds a little bit like work eh? Well it is, but its what makes the place chug forward.

On the "Outside" we have been focused on our normal maintenance required for any area. That includes having our rope and chair inspections done. Keeping up with our agreements for stewardship with the Forest Service. Even repainting some of the railings around the area. In addition to all this "routine" stuff, I have been using the dead aspen trees to create some new park features for everyone.

Everyone knows about our pending us we know too.

...But rest assured we are constantly working to make sure Powderhorn is better every year!

Talk to you Later,


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