Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Special Message

As our loyal friends and fellow snowriders, we want to share with you some exciting news. Powderhorn will sell at an absolute real estate auction. As we transition to new ownership, we want you to know that we'll keep you apprised of any developments as we move forward.

Here is a message from CEO Steve Bailey and our partner, JP King Auction Company:

The Powderhorn Ski Resort, a 1,600-acre resort on Grand Mesa, will sell at real
estate auction on August 4. The resort, which contains 600 groomed acres and 44
trails, will sell at absolute auction with no minimums and no reserves. J. P.
King, the nation's premier real estate auction marketing firm, will conduct the

"We're excited for what the future of Powderhorn can be, and
we know the potential that it has, so we're working with the leader in high-end
real estate auctions to ensure a quick and positive experience for us and for
the future owner," said Steve Bailey, the CEO and president of Powderhorn. "On
behalf of the current ownership and staff, we are looking forward to the
transition for this gem of western Colorado."

We are continuing operations as usual and look forward to another winter season. There are many ways to stay connected with us through this exciting time:

For information on the auction visit the JP King website.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime. Thank you for being a friend of Powderhorn!

Sarah Allen
Marketing & Communications Director


Stein Erickson said...

I checked out the JP King website and they look like a good bet to handle the sale. However, for gods sake get them some decent photos of Powderhorn in operation in the winter. Mud season photos are pretty ugly and buyers really need to see the resort in all it's glory with sun, snow, and happy skiers.

Powderhorn Resort said...

A pro photographer will be out this week. Check back at as more info and photos will be added in the coming weeks.