Thursday, November 19, 2009

28 Days

Yep, that's it. But...let's hope it's even less!
Are you ready for Opening Day?

Have you blocked out December 17th on your calendar?
Do you have your boards waxed and edges tuned?
Are the batteries charged in your camera?
Have you washed your long underwear since last season?
Do you have your pass or Plus Card?
Have you already decided who's getting the coffee that morning? And who's driving?
Do you have 2 alarm clocks, in case one malfunctions?

Get it together people! Your season depends on it :)


logan said...

for sure

Anonymous said...

any updates on the park? were all super excited for it

Stein Erickson said...

Wow, from the webcams it sure looks like you guys are shooting for an earlier opening!. Hard to stomach that other areas in Colorado will have already been open for over 2 months by the time Powderhorn's scheduled open date rolls around. Hey, we don't need the entire mountain open with 3 feet of Powder. Just gives us a few trails to slide around on at first. Would sure beat having to head down I-70 to some other ski areas again this year. Open up,we will come!

Powderhorn Resort said...

I am meeting with the new park manager tomorrow and will have post what I learn.

This amount of snowfall and low temps are pretty abnormal at least compared to the last few years. So an opening on-par with the other resorts in the state is usually completely impossible. We're not looking for a powder opening, our guys are working hard to present at least an 18" consistent base (which is industry standard). This is the safest, best product for opening up to the public.

Huge thanks to our snowmaking/mtn team who are working all night, every night to help get the mountain open!

Unknown said...

We are so excited for the big day! I hope it is earlier and we get some big snow storm that shuts down the schools!! Dump oh clouds! Dump!!!