Thursday, September 24, 2009

Color Progress

The colors are changing much more now in perfect time for THE Color Sunday. Our lift cranks up at 10am and closes at 3pm. Just so you know, its a 56 minute ride so we'll probably stop selling lift tickets between 2-2:30 in order to get everyone off the lift before it gets late. Did you know even though there's no snow on the ground we still have to staff Ski Patrol? And they still have to sweep the mountain after the lift closes! Safety first.

Also an important thing to know- you MUST be able to load and unload the lift on your own. The lift does not stop for you to get on and off. Young kids cannot ride the lift unless they can walk on and off the lift themselves.

(click photos to enlarge)

We're in progress of changing all the signage around the resort to the new logo. When we took the old "knees and skis" off one of the entrance signs, we found an even older logo!


Chrissy Morin said...

WOW... That's really beautiful. I just drove through Glenwood Canyon yesterday and the colors are spectacular. Head up to the Colorado Rocky Mountains THIS weekend before it's all gone. :)

Anonymous said...

56 minute ride?

Stein Erickson said...

Our you going to let people off the lift to hike sown the mountain like 2 yrs ago. The hike down the mountain to enjoy the colors is the best part. I would assume buying a ticket for the lift would make people assume the risk just like ski season. Not that many actually get off so I would not think it would slow the lift time very much.