Thursday, March 26, 2009

Plenty O' Powder

Wow fresh snow every day this week! We're really going out with a bang! It's currently not snowing (9am) but we're forecast to get 5-9" throughout the day.

Here's just a few random pieces of information that we want to update you on:

We've dropped the special ticket price for Men's Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) to $25 so the guys get a deal too. We'll also have beer specials, live music and chair massages for all.

Sunday is closing day and we always encourage you to dress up and celebrate! Many people go old school with their outfits but I know there will be some interesting characters out on the slopes too.

The SlushSprocket will be held on Saturday at 3pm with registration at 2pm in the lodge. $5 to enter, winner takes the whole cash pot. It'll be 2 heats, shotgun starts, from Midway down on Peacemaker. Perfect location for everyone to watch! Only requirement for competitors is that you listen to your mother and wear a helmet!

One of the bears is out frolicking in the powder this morning. We just saw him cross Redeye....lucky little sneak.

p.s. Wow was I wrong with the title of that last post. Good thing to be wrong about!

UPDATE: 10:30AM 8" in the last 24 hours, snowing hard!

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