Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Terrain Park Update

Everyone is super busy right now and that includes our terrain parks crew. They've just finished making repairs and giving our rails and spiffy new paint job. A new feature is being ordered soon....we'll keep you in suspense for just a bit longer.

The guys also plan to give serious attention to the beginner park this year making it a great place to learn jumps and rails. The bigger park will see construction of his & her's jumps of different sizes.

Just need the snow now!


Unknown said...

is there more

Powderhorn Resort said...

Not pictured here are some boxes, C rail, and the new feature that will be shipped to us.

Anonymous said...

I took snowboarding lessons last year at powderhorn...and later in the season participated in the Jeep Challenge terrain park day. I am 45 yr old novice rider transplanted from Kansas. I really like the options in the its good to see improvements and expansion in that area. Snowboarding totally rocks...looking forward to another season.