Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Building a Run

Work has begun on the new runs for the 08-09 season! Our crew started with the shorter of the two runs. This run will shoot off of Snowcloud and join with Redeye. It leaves Snowcloud around the area where Mad Dog Glade ends. Looks like it opens up access to even more tree skiing adventures!

At the beginning of the run

Looking down the run

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Anonymous said...

Great blog-Thank you for keeping us informed! Question re: Gladed named runs- Could the glades be cleaned up? By that I mean removal of dead trees and broken off stumps and widowmakers (leaning dead trees).This would really improve the tree skiing without harming living trees. When I was in Spokane, the local ski hill (which was a non-profit)invited people to work four Saturdays, 8 hour days, in the fall cutting brush in exchange for a pass. Could that work at Powderhorn?

Powderhorn Resort said...

Thanks for the comment and idea! I know that due to insurance reasons we have to allow only employees to do any brush cutting. However this is a good idea to spruce up the glades. I'll pass this along to our Mountain Manager. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Exciting Stuff cutting new trails and all! I don't suppose you could aim the webcam over there so we could all take a peak from below. As a matter of fact maybe it would be fun now and then to re-aim the webcam anyway. The current view doesn't change much during the summer. Might be nice occasionally to see something different like a concert, or wedding or some such thing