Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting Geeky

April is our geek month for many of us at Powderhorn. It's the time of year when we look at stacks of reports from the season to see what worked...and what flopped. These reports help us determine our plans, budgets, prices, etc. You'd be suprised at how much we can track. Here are some examples:

Average use of season passes (in general and by age group)
Average use of Plus Cards
Number of visitors to the website
Most popular web pages (blog readership increased 40%)
What town/state our web visitors live in
Promotion use
How people found our website
What color underwear you have on

Ok the last one is a lie. But we can find out a lot of info just by the wonder of technology. Ok back to the world of pie graphs and pocket protectors...

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