Sunday, January 27, 2008

X Games

Many of us are back at work this morning after taking in the action at the Winter X Games. Due to the fact that none of us are professional photographers, we don't have any good pictures to show you. Every skier we took a picture of from the Big Air competition just looks like a blur of colors. The games wrap up today with ski slopestyle and snowboard superpipe finals. Here are the results of each competition so far:

Men's Ski Superpipe
1. Tanner Hall
2. Simon Dumont
3. Colby West

Women's Ski Superpipe
1. Sarah Burke
2. Mirjam Jaegar
3. Jen Hudak

Women's SB Superpipe
1. Gretchen Bleiler
2. Torah Bright
3. Kelly Clark

Ski Big Air
Winner: Jon Olsson

Men's SB Slopestyle
1. Andreas Wiig
2. Kevin Pearce
3. Shaun White (yep that's a 3rd in front of his name)

Women's SB Slopestyle
1. Jamie Anderson
2. Claudia Fliri
3. Spencer O'Brien

SB Big Air
Winner: Torstein Horgmo

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