Monday, December 03, 2007

Opening Update

I know many of you are wondering if Thursday is a 'go' or not. The weekend storm brought 8" of new snow to the base and our snow stake on top is reading 25 inches. We could have used the 25" at the base as well but we take what we get of course. Currently our ski patrol and mountain crews are on the slopes assessing the mountain. We'll have a meeting early this afternoon where the decision will be made whether or not we'll open Thursday. As soon as that decision is made you'll hear about it right here on this post, at, and press releases will be going out immediately. Hang in there!

UPDATE: 3:00pm
After careful inspection of the mountain it has been decided that we will move opening day from the 6th to the 8th. Only two days delay, not too bad! There is good coverage on top but the middle of the mountain causes some concern. We'd love just a couple more inches of snow to ensure a safe, quality product. Looks like we do have a chance for snow Wednesday and Thursday. Hope to see you all here on Saturday! First 100 in line receive prizes from Chick-fil-A, Gene Taylor's, the Alpine Trader, and Summit Canyon.

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