Thursday, October 04, 2007

Update on Biff

For those of you that are regular blog readers, you've met Biff, the giant man-eating spider that's been living just outside our Sales Manager's office. Well there have been developments. 1) Biff felt that it needed to relocate and build a home just outside my windows 2) Turns out Biff is an inappropriate name. It is in fact a female that has laid eggs.

This is making my workday far more complicated then it needs to be. Each time I see Biff move I have an uncontrollable urge to run. This has created a highly unproductive work day for me. Why this thing has to chosen to live near the ONLY person on staff that is terrified of spiders is just beyond me. The idea that, at some point, a nest of a bajillion spiders is going to hatch 6 feet away from me is almost enough to make me pass out.

On a totally unrelated topic- Go Rockies! Game 2 is at 1:00 today. We've found one TV on the mountain that has the game. Most of us will be working only on commercial breaks (just kidding Steve).

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